Bitumen Primer

Bitumen Primer that is manufactured using superior quality basic bitumen both steam refined and air blown. Moreover, these Bitumen primers can easily be diluted with water for various other applications. Bitumen kote emulsions are stable clay emulsions produced from a wide range of basic bitumen, both steam-refined and air blown. They have no common characteristic of smoothly and creamy consistency. They can be diluted easily with water to any consistency required for applications.





Protecting boiler insulations, Water proofing of roofs, Protecting against corrosion, Protects vibration in vehicles, Insulation binder, Undercoating on the asbestos, cement, concrete and on the walls before making the finishing coats.
Charactristic Req. As per Our Internal Specification Result
Application Uniform and Applying By Brush Uniform and Applying By Brush
Solid Content 50% 49.70%
Colour Brown to Deep Brown Brown
Ph 4 to 6 5
Drying Time 6 Hr 5 hr
Component Standard Result
SKO 50-60% 52%
Bitumen – 80/100 40-50% 48%
Colour Paint like Paint like
Ph N/A N/A
Boiling Point/Boiling Range oC Above 150oC 153oC
Specific Gravity 0.80 – 0.95 0.89
Melting Point/Freezing Point N/A N/A
Water Solubility Insoluble Insoluble
Flash Point Above 32oC Above 32oC

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