Sealing Compound

VR Petrochem Sealing Compound is famous for giving the excellent performance in the various industrial applications. Sealing Compound is manufactured as per IS: 1834-1984 standards. It is mainly used for sealing and adjoining joints and breakages. It is ideal for the products made up of concrete.



Prominent Features

Charactristic Results Requirement
Softening Point 86C 86-89C
Penetration at C 18 15-50
Pour Point C 176 C 180 C
Ph 4 to 6 5
Flow Test, Percentage 1.2% 5%
Extensibility, mm 6.3 6 Min
Charactristic Req. As per Our Internal Specification Result
Application Uniform and Applying By Brush Uniform and Applying By Brush
Solid Content 50% 49.70%
Colour Brown to Deep Brown Brown
Ph 4 to 6 5
Drying Time 6 Hr 5 hr

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